Traps that almost everyone will fall into at some point in their lives

– Staying up way too late, thinking you’ll be just fine for the morning
– Hitting spacebar to pause a Youtube video only to realize you’ve scrolled half way down the page. Btw, I recently learned that you can hit Shift+Space to scroll upwards. My life is markedly better.
– A YouTube ad longer than 15 seconds that’s un-skippable.
– Thinking that there will always be more time.
– Thinking you’re good at video games…… Remember, there is always a Korean kid who is orders of magnitude better than you can ever hope to be.
– “Don’t worry, You don’t have to get me anything for (birthday)”. Really, you don’t have to. I’m dead serious!!! Please don’t!!! […] So why didn’t you get me anything…?
– Kids. Biggest trap ever. Takes you 18 years to escape that trap. Kids are just tapeworms that live outside the body that manage to eat your food anyway. They eat your money too. It’s why I’ll name my son Government.
– Gamblers Fallacy. That’s why one shouldn’t even gamble on a fart. Ever.
– “You don’t need to use a rubber.” But how will I erase my pencil marks?!
– Debt. Spending is easy when you aren’t thinking about it. Lots of people end up in debt because they forget about their spending. Like me.
– Prolonged indecisiveness that eventually leads to missed opportunities. “A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” – some random dude on the internet
– Some form of addictive substance. Take beer for instance.
– Being antisocial and letting that lower your self worth.
– Thinking their problems are unique to them and so making it worse with the “why me” mentality. Somebody has probably experienced what you’re going through and gotten out of it fine.
– Attacking the new Death Star
#internetwisdom #randomthoughts

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