The real-estate situation in/around Brasov

A little while ago my buddy Iancu asked if I could share some findings on the land prices in/around Brasov. While the list itself is not complete, I have some data which might give us an idea on what to expect when preparing for a land acquisition in the area.

What needs to be said from the very beginning is that although the real estate market is currently stalling, the land owners are still maintaining the same prices. High prices that is. Let’s take Rasnov for example – which is an area deemed as having high tourist potential. Here, a 1000 square meter land is sold with 12 EUR/square meter, whereas the prices in the less touristically-appealing Stupini is 4 EUR higher on average. The potential buyer has to be aware that the phreatic line in Stupini has caused some nuisance; there were cases where the pickle jars and wine bottles in the basement have started floating around after the water has infiltrated into the compound.

Moving forward, some properties in Stupini can be sold for as much as 20EUR/m2, although there are no utilities whatsoever.

The prices in Harman, Codlea, Cristian (3 other small towns around Brasov) vary from 21 EUR to 30 EUR/m2. Sanpetru and Prejmer are peaking the top with 30 EUR/m2. The prices here are seldom negotiable. Bod and Tarlungeni are at the top bottom of the list, with prices up to 11 EUR/m2. Not sure what you can do there though. My targets are either Sanpetru or Cristian – both with high potential for development.

Interesting fact: during the real-estate boom from 2006-2007, it was estimated that there were several hundred real-estate agencies in Brasov. (local townsfolk  know that Str. Toamnei was famed for having the highest concentration of firms in the city). Right now it seems like less than 100 real-estate companies are still operating in Brasov. Things are changing… It remains to be seen if for the better or worse.

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