Sh!t happened

Not sure who the culprit was, all that matters now is that everything is lost. A friend of mine – one of the best photographer’s in Romania (Cosmin Gogu) has recently lost every piece of photographic equipment, his whole studio, following up a disastrous fire that took over his entire location. I can’t imagine how it must feel starting from scratch – at least not at this magnitude. The guy is talented – that’s a fact; but talent must go hand in hand with determination, ambition and support. It’s a series of traits which ultimately lead to success. I wish him all the best and hope that he’ll be able to overcome this incredibly unfortunate event.

PS: why the hell didn’t you had any insurance???

photo by Cosmin Gogu

3 thoughts on “Sh!t happened

  1. Cruel illustration you used there 😛
    Sorry to hear about this. It’s always a shame when good equipment is lost, especially if it’s owned by somebody tallented. Must agree with your insurance comment though.. a Pro should have known better.

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