Se-ntîmplă şi la case mai mari

Interviul BBC – aici.


4 thoughts on “Se-ntîmplă şi la case mai mari

  1. He doesn’t look too happy there..
    On a related note, I like to think that if I was wheelchair bound with no distractions I could have also written a few books on astrophysics, or some similar notable achievement. Of course in reality I’d be spending all my times watching movies and ‘trying’ to play computer games. Maybe I’d be a famous critic.. hmm…

  2. Well, I was unemployed for a while – meaning bed-side bound with no distractions and I didn’t write a goddamn thing (other than various versions of my resume and LOIs). I’ve played some computer games too, and acquired quite some dribbling skills with Messi in FIFA). I’m afraid these were my only achievements. Oh, plus criticism on the world around me. Yes, I was actually good at that.

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