Still here

There are excuses, I have them, Paul has them – we all have them! Actually I was hoping Paul would write something here otherwise people might think he’s just a figment of my imagination. He said he’s too shy. He is, I’ll give him that.

Anyways, where were we? The project is ongoing, that’s for sure. What we managed so far is to get our hands on some lists that we are currently digesting. One of them contains the villages/communes in Romania with their ratings based on the potential for tourism growth – which is both interesting and rewarding in the same time. Why do I say that? Well, at least two of the places that I had initially considered for potential development turned out to sport a high rating (i.e. Cristian and Sanpetru, both in Brasov). “Cristian owns a guest-house in Cristian”. Paul said this may confuse the tourists, that’s why I think I’ll volunteer my buddy here and promote the guest-house through his credentials. How ’bout that, Mr. Stocker? Let’s get there first.

Next, as we all know – I’m about to return to my homeland in less then 2 weeks from now. This will be a great opportunity for getting a first-hand feel with the local market, as well as gaining insights into the business development. We’ve both struggled sorting out some personal aspects of our lives but right now I think things are starting to settle down a bit – isn’t that right, buddy?

In this respect, Paul is constantly catching up with the Romanian realities via stories told by foreigners embracing our traditions, whereas I indulge myself with watching  Razvan Exarhu’s latest culinary trips throughout Transilvania. (i.e. Romania Delicioasa, broadcasted on TVR2).

Back to foreigners enjoying Romania’s offerings: Nick Hunt, a British writer and former Economist/BBC 4 correspondent shares some interesting stories from his journey to our country. You can check it our on the Dark Mountain Project’s blog, quite inspirational. And speaking of which, following up one of Exarhu’s TV shows I learned about this guy – William Blacker, another Englishman who’s actually been living in Romania for the past 20 years. He also wrote a book which apparently determined HRH Prince Charles to invest in Viscri and restore the old, traditional way of life in the Transylvanian village. (I have the book in Kindle format, I’ll see if it’s possible to post it somehow). These are just a couple of examples but I know that there are quite a few westerners who are slowly embracing Romania’s traditional way of live and contemplating an escape from the tumultuous cityscape and settle down in one of our idylic areas. We like it or not, the opportunities that Romania has to offer in the tourism and agricultural fields are quickly triggering interest from foreign investors. If only we’d share the same enthusiasm and appreciation of the old traditional values, I think we’d be pretty advanced from a sociological standpoint. But I digress.

The important thing is that the wheels are in motion, there have already been discussions with people who support the idea and can provide a guiding hand, so I’m eagerly looking forward to get to Brasov and start taking the bull by horns as they say. Until then, enjoy a little slice of Transylvanian goodness:

foto: Casa cu Zorele, Crit, Viscri – Transilvania

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