I admit it – we were all under a heavy load and this left a mark on our plans. One might say we started on the wrong foot – but that’s not the case. It’s just that sometimes the daily activities eat up too much of your time, leaving you with little room to deal with your own matters.

Anyways, I reckon it’s one more week until we will finally unburden ourselves and proceed to the next step. We are not aiming to start building this year, but merely to assess our chances and gather as much information as possible. We have studied the land prices around Brasov, we read some of the conditions imposed by the EU and now we’re preparing a letter for a EU Funds consultant.

Preliminary (and mandatory) project literature: Ghidul Solicitantului – “Incurajarea activitatilor turistice”, Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale – Autoritatea de Management pentru PNDR”. 61 de pagini mari si late. I meant 61 long and meaningful pages.


6 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

  1. Keep the faith! Btw, Alecu’s ex-girfriend .. remember Ramona?! She works for an institution who is responsible for distributing EU funds for new developments in Romania. Might worth getting in touch with her and get some inside knowledge.

    In the meantime, I for instance, would associate rural tourism with discovery. Imagine visitors coming to your place and leaving Romania with a story to tell. Check these guys for instance for trips meant to unveil the real Romanian history.

  2. I’d better get in touch with Alecu. Truth be told, I only remember Ramona by name 🙂
    As for your suggestion – this is very much in line with what we have in mind – meaning associating the trip with a taste of local customs/beauties/traditional activities. I’m telling you – the ideal guest-house looks… well… ideal 🙂 But in order to get there we have to start with something. And we will start with something small, then continue to build upon it until we reach our goal. Stay tuned, we will outline more asap.

  3. Reply: Yes, I can. But give me some time 🙂 The prices that I have do not necesarily mirror the reality on the field. Why am I saying this: we didn’t go through the official channels (meaning real-estate brokers or agencies); you know that the best offers travel by word of mouth.

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