Spot the difference.

I have recently downloaded BBC’s Planet Earth masterpiece in a new version – Planet.Earth.Special.Edition.Hybrid.2006.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-ESiR (48GBs worth of awesomeness, for those interested). It’s an enhanced version of the original and it seems like a lot of work has been put into improving the quality of the videos. I will not go through all the details since they are way too technical so I will limit myself to quoting some lines from the group’s release: “Special Edition also has improved sharpness (which may not appeal to everyone’s taste), grain retention and in some instances greater detail“. Seems like they were right.

For comparison purposes I am including here similar frames captured as follows: the first one from the 720p Special version (.mkv file), and the 2nd one from the original 1080p BluRay (.ts file).

Do you guys see any differences?


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