A or B?

We are currently assessing which is the best alternative for us: starting with a brand new guest-house, building it from scratch or applying for finance for an agro-touristic guest-house. The latter would require a lower starting amount and is also advantageous from another stand point – i.e. you’d be in the position of providing your own goods. In the same time it’s also attractive – getting up in the morning, feeding the chicks, kicking the cat our of your way, milking the cows, etc.

Speaking of which, Paul stumbled upon this outdated ad:

Not sure if my Nokia Lumia would get me a cow – not to mention a pregnant one. Should a similar ad be submitted again, I’ll call the owner and try to negotiate. I could easily settle for a buffalo, although they don’t give so much milk… Oh well, we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “A or B?

  1. Since I’ve moved to Bucovina I’m entertaining the idea of a guest-house where the guest would take part in daily chores;

    I think it’s a plus if you don’t expect the guest to actually do it for real, I mean it’s ok to milk the cow a couple of times, cut wood, carry water and so on, but don’t expect him to be able to do it perfect or on a daily bases, the guest will probably crawl over and die in 3 days :))

    The best way to approach this, in my opinion, is to have someone there to do the real work and let the guest have his fun now and then.

    Financing a house has a number of advantages:

    – much less time until you have it ready to receive guests
    – less money
    – less paperwork or building authorizations required


    – building something from scratch means you do it exactly for the purpose you have in mind and of course the result will be more suitable for that purpose

    – bare in mind that the human nature can sometimes be very ugly so be absolutely sure about the house you’re financing for, regarding the human element.

    PS. I’ve seen the perfect house for this area and for a guest house two days ago, I will take photos next time and post them,

  2. Not to sound too cliche but I liked going to Cheile Gradistei and enjoy some “home made food”. It just enhances that feeling of authenticity. So my vote goes to the agro-touristic guest-house

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