Scumbag Germany

Incerci s-asculti si tu o melodie, sa vezi un clip, si cind colo – na-ti-o frinta, ca ti-am dres-o! Restrictivi din cale-afara nemtii astia.

PS: cautam un clip mai rar de-al lui Gainsbourg.

later edit: ai dracu’ nemti!

“GEMA: Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (GEMA) (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) is a performance rights organization from Germany.” […] GEMA represents some 60,000 composers, authors and music publishers and the rights of more than a million copyright owners internationally whose works are used in Germany. […] GEMA collected 850 million euros in copyright fees in 2008. […] Music videos for major label artists on YouTube have been unavailable in Germany since the end of March 2009 as GEMA sought to raise its fee charged to Youtube to 12 euro cents per streamed video. This would mean monthly payments to GEMA of nearly 700,000 US dollars, a fee a Youtube spokesman described as “prohibitive.” The issue is set to be taken up by a California court.”

Ma irita la culme, mai ales cind ii vad ce imagine isi promoveaza (parca ar fi reclamele optzeciste, corecte politic, pline de zimbet si atitudine optimista). “Semneaza cu noi! Sintem minunati!” Huooo!


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