Battlefield 3

Sa te tii!

Mind: blown.

Paul Devine, the man who last August collected a pretty lengthy list of charges against his name from the FBI and IRS — which collectively amounted to an accusation of “screwing Apple” — has now admitted his guilt. Specifically, Devine has fessed up to wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering, in which he engaged while exchanging confidential information about upcoming Apple products for cold hard cash from interested parts suppliers. He’s now having to forfeit $2.28 million in money and property that resulted from his nefarious exploits, with sentencing scheduled for June 6th. Devine’s lawyer is quoted as saying he’s a “good man who made a mistake, and now he’s trying to make amends.” Indeed, the mistake of getting caught and the amends of trying not to go to prison. Jump past the break for a full statement on the matter from the US Department of Justice.

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