TG Christmas Special

And now, for something completely different. Completely different from the Christmas carols we keep on hearing/seeing at the telly, completely different from the mindless crap that Romanian TV channels are flooding us with. This month we have two special episodes of BBC’s Top Gear – with James, Jeremy and Richard  driving – first across the US of A and then playing the roles of the biblical three wise men in search of Bethlehem. Of course, all of this while driving in three ‘reasonable priced cars’ from Iraq to Israel.

If the first episode is peppered with only a tiny amount of adventure – okay, apart from Clarkson’s ruining 2 sets of tires on his Mercedes SLS, the 2nd one has a bigger amount of entertainment ultimately making me stick to my armchair. At some point there’s also quite a nasty scene where James falls pretty badly to the ground being eventually forced to the hospital.

But it all ends well, with the wise men or – as Clarkson put it – “one wise man, one idiot and a cheat” reaching the holy land and handing their gifts to the newly born child. Worth watching ’til the end 🙂


3 thoughts on “TG Christmas Special

  1. WTF? It appears that this episode is not available in “my area”. What does “my area” got to do with availability?! Screw you BBC, I’ll watch it from somewhere else!

  2. Not even the USA Road Trip is not available in “my area”. Guess I have to change countries to be privileged enough to see them directly from the BBC’s website. Wrong move BBC!

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