2010/early 2011 wish-list

Christmas is coming and talk has turned to what gadgets and technologies I’d like to discover under the tree this year. Or earlier next year. Of course, having high expectations may actually turn into a little disappointment – one can’t really hope to have quite all the wishes fulfilled but, what the heck – this hasn’t stopped humanity from dreaming, right? Therefore, why complain about the funny chocolate mouse (instead of an Apple Magic Mouse) when you know that ‘the intention’ was there? Praise the gesture 🙂

To be honest, Santa would be both hugely generous and light of wallet, should he furnish me with the things on my wish-list.

On to delving into the Christmas stockings:

Finding myself out in the countryside, chances of taking the Nikon D90 with me are rather slim now; carrying a DSLR with me is not always convenient – sometimes it may also become a bit embarrassing (“oh, wow! you’re a pro, mate! what a camera! what model is that? what’s the zoom capacity?“). The miracle solution? The all-too-sexy Fujifilm Finepix X100. (Okay, okay, the camera is not out yet but Santa – can you pleeeease think of me in March when it comes out? A little present to celebrate the… well.. the spring blossom would be nice! 🙂

I love netbooks. Well, some of them. I love their shape and size, their portability, multi-tasking ability, the SSD drive, the display (1600×768), the bag-friendly form factor. I love the Sony Vaio P-Series.


It seems to be on everybody’s Christmas wish-list – the useless/awesome Apple iPad. I used to rant about its usability but now I came to believe that it’s truly a device that should find its place in my bag. Reasons? A few. Transferring photos from my DSLR, editing them (I admit – the apps are not the best in town but the future looks promising), showcasing them, reading news, eBooks, browsing the internet now and then, quickly editing documents, and the usual crap you do after installing a game or something else aimed at wasting time. From time to time. Yes.

note: some of the coolest apps I’ve seen on the iPad are Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro (iTunes page) and Wired Magazine.

Now that we’re in the Apple kingdom, there’s one more thing that I’d like Santa to take into account: the Parrot AR.Drone iPhone-controlled quadrocopter 😀 Yay! Well, I don’t have the iPhone yet so… C’mon, Santa! All I want this year is a big metal case, a magic picture-making box and one little plastic toy. I promise I’ll settle merely for one each of these… That’s normal, innit?





3 thoughts on “2010/early 2011 wish-list

  1. If you see Santa, drop him one in the chin, get him to the ground, tie the bastard to a heater, grab his goody bag (and not his nut bag) and run for it. Find a good place for cover, call your buddy Bobo and then wait for about 12-15hrs. I’ll be there to help you pick and choose out of Santa’s bag.

    If we happen though to come across some of these things, I reserve the right the keep ’em for myself:

    – BMW Z4 (2009 onwards)
    – Tickets to Sun City South Africa to go experience the longest zip line in the world
    – $100k in cash (unmarked bills)
    – a pair of matching socks (note: avoid the red and green ones so that I don’t confuse the color blind be wearing them)

    Btw, the Parrot toy thing .. I’ve seen it on multiple gadget-related websites. It seems to be a favorite amongst young males.

  2. @all: Every male young at heart should be blessed with a generous gesture and rejoice upon finding under the Christmas tree the all-too-awesome “Parrot toy thingie” :))

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