Come here and enjoy the view!

If you are reading these words, then it means you have made it: made it to Brasov, that is. These days that is no mean feat, given the state of Romania’s transportation infrastructure, which is not so much stretched to breaking point as long since snapped and torn.  Train from Bucharest now regularly take more than four or even five hours to make the 167km trip to Brasov, while unless you drove like a complete lunatic at about 5am on a Sunday morning, we doubt those of you who came by car did the journey in much less than three hours. Trains to Sibiu still have to make a long detour via Sighisoara, because a railway bridge along the usual route – which collapsed more than two years ago – has yet to be repaired.

Now, if you made it to Brasov, then you deserve congratulations; both for making it here in the first place against such odds, and for choosing Romania’s greatest city as your destination. For Romania’s greatest city is where you are now at.

Of course, other places also claim to be the best place in the country to spend time, but having traveled every inch of Romania these past few years we know our stuff, and know that nowhere comes close to making the best of both the old and the new. Brasov is packed with history: check out our Sightseeing section for a guide to where you can find it, while also being one hell of a great eating, drinking and partying venue. It is all things to all people, and well worth your time.

Enjoy Brasov. We do.

…this is the introduction made by “InYourPocket” tourist guide – a fairly realistic, straight-forward depiction of a tourist’s experience across Romania.

“[…] Brasov is everything that Bucharest isn’t: a placid, gentle, civilized city of 290,000 people nestled in the Carpathian mountains. A fabulous base for exploring the surrounding countryside, the air is clean, the people friendly, and the prices a pittance of those in the capital.

Well, for those not yet acquainted with the surroundings I guess there’s just one way to find out: come here and enjoy the view!


5 thoughts on “Come here and enjoy the view!

  1. Mă pregătesc pentru o foarte scurtă vizită pentru începutul lui octombrie. De data închiriez o mașină la aeroport, nu mai pierd timpul cu trenul. Sper să nu greșesc, mai ales la plecare luni dimineața. Abia aștept…

  2. Trenul – iti spune Je, din experienta: 4 ore cu InterCity, daca esti norocos. Uneori poti face chiar si 5 (daca ma gindesc bine…), mai cu seama din BV in Buc. Mai bine mergi cu microbuzul (stii ca faci 3 ore si gata) sau – dupa cum ai zis, inchiriezi o masina si iesi mai comod. Spune-mi cind ajungi, poate ne sincronizam cumva.

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