The excitement level

There are couple of things boosting my excitement level right now, and those ‘things’ are all in the technology realm. Be that as it may, I am very close of getting an i4. I had already placed the order on the online store but cancelled it one week before the delivery due to some pecuniary reasons (some other priorities came up). Nevertheless, since my mind is currently wired around this acquisition I guess there is little chance of switching to other options.

So, iPhone 4 – checked √

Next on my list is the newly announced Fujifilm FinePix X100 compact camera. This little gorgeous, large-sensor compact camera (inspired by traditional analog film cameras) really makes me drool. Tech details: 12.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor (approx. 1.6x crop factor), fixed Fujinon lens (F2-F16, 23mm (35mm equivalent)). The X100 also has this new feature called the ‘hybrid’ viewfinder that allows the user to switch between optical and electronic viewfinders and project shooting information into the optical viewfinder. If all that was too much for you, check out this video.

This beauty ships next year in March and whoever is/would be interested in it should take $1000 out of his/her pockets. As far as I’m concerned, I know for sure that I want/need a nice compact camera that I could take wherever the bulky Nikon D90 cannot accompany me. Awaiting some in-depth reviews in order to check the picture quality on the Fuji. Until then, let’s see if the excitement level will wear off 🙂


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