The French manoeuver

The gypsies’ recent deportations from France have spawned a row of negative reactions throughout the entire Europe – some of the most vocal advocates being two high-level EU officials (Viviane Redding and Jose Manuel Barosso – the latter being known as a rather silent and balanced person). On the other side Sarkozy stood on his feet and defended his country’s position in all this quarrel; at some point he couldn’t refrain from suggesting Mrs. Redding to allow the gypsies to come to her native country (i.e. Luxembourg) and see how it will feel like. The suggestion was not welcomed by the little country’s officials – no wonder.

Now, what stands out from all this pickle is the EU’s officials’ determination to nail France upon that decision and apply some legal sanctions. I wonder why… France is a sovereign country governed by their well-established set of laws and like any sovereign country they have the right to decide over what happens in between their borders. Why should others intervene and tell them what to do/what not to do? Everyone is becoming so politically-correct that they fear shouting out the truth: the gypsies have distinguished themselves as being one of the few European groups who find it difficult if not impossible to integrate with any country, by virtue of the fact they don’t play by the same rules, their standards, expectations and behaviour are considered an anathema by most civilised EU countries. The EU has never dared to tackle the ‘Roma situation’ – and there are no real signs that it will. The EU knows – like so many other countries in the region that the freedom of movement – apart from its benefits it also has its downsides. The gypsies are pretty hated by their own governments and it’s about time that the finger was pointed in that direction and at the gypsies themselves, who cannot continue to act like a persecuted minority free from any responsibility for the horrible way they live and conduct themselves.

The EU needs to place self responsibility more firmly on individuals who cry racism, and the gypsies are a classic case in point. They must take more responsibility for the way they conduct themselves in other states, take responsibility for the filth and squalor that seems to follow them (poverty is one thing, filth and squalor is something else). Accept that they have alot to do to make their way of life acceptable to the mainstream, and have more respect for other countries who find offence at their behaviour in camping in cities, living in appalling slums and having children they have no hope of raising in an acceptable manner.

Right now the EU keeps on bragging about each and every citizen’s RIGHTS. Everyone is entitled to something, every member of the society has his rights. But above all, the EU should also be an organisation of RESPONSIBILITIES. There are a good number of foreign citizens living in different states across the EU who need to be reminded of their responsibilities to the host community they live among and until we get a rebalancing of responsibilities and rights this situation will not be tackled. Apart from the gypsies there are other people – not belonging to a specific ethnic group who comfort themselves with the idea that upon leaving their countries of origin the only thing left to do is the ‘get the money out of the host country’ and ensure a long and prosperous life. I don’t think I go too far when I stress that these folks’ attitude and behavior is identical to a common thieve’s. And the very same people blame the host countries for being racist, cold and ill-intended.

Back to our Travellers… The gypsies would better account for their behaviour and make massive changes in the way they live and integrate with the mainstream european society – the EU does not want to become a massive slum just to appease the sensibilities of an ignorant antisocial minority and with that being said, I think all debate should come to an end. EU would better wake up and start treating these situations in a more responsible approach, rather than nailing an entire country for boarding some slums with money in their pockets back to their countries of origin. For once, I salute Sarkozy’s stance.


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