Bereft of life, I rest in peace

I’m not dead, I’m just resting. And having taken the necessary amount of privacy and solitude I think I ought to get back to updating this space. Switching to Romanian comes into mind, as I’d like to share some experiences that the English language cannot support in expressing the various nuances. Well – MY English, not the entire linguistic spectrum. Anyway, we’ll see…

Monty Python – The Parrot Sketch


2 thoughts on “Bereft of life, I rest in peace

  1. You mean there’s no effective way to translate ‘Fututii aia de policieni baga-mi-as sula in coastele lor de muiangii’ in such manner that the reader gets your angst? You could still try .. 🙂

  2. But of course there is! It’s just that… I’ve kind of developed some sort of immunity when it comes to ‘politicienii nostri si clica lor’. Why bother? There are other, more important aspects to debate upon… My opinion 🙂

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