Unifying by absorbing

In a recent speech held in front of Moldavian students, the beloved Romanian President ensured the audience that by the end of the year, 10,000 Moldavian citizens will be granted Romanian citizenship on a monthly basis (as opposed to 5300 being currently granted).

I’m curious to find out whether there is any other EU country out there granting citizenship on such a high scale. Our politicians’ argument is that this action will allow ‘10,000 educated people’ to come to Romania and contribute to country’s economy, development, etc, etc… Right. The way I see it, being granted Romanian citizenship – hence becoming part of the EU environment, is simply a launching pad for most of those Moldavian youngsters. They will have one thought in mind: flee to other countries within the EU, where they can better take advantage from the work/educational environment. It’s inevitable. The only obstacle right now is the EU labor market – still protecting their assets.

Another curiosity lies in the potential existence of any thorough analysis of these good samaritan acts: the unemployment in Romania is on an ascending curve and there are less and less tax contributors. Has anyone thought of the impact of bringing 10,000 unemployed people/month on board? Don’t we have our own problems to deal with, rather than making charity? Just my two cents…


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