From Human Sources

I have addressed this issue before, in a separate post dealing with HR (best) practices. Right now, courtesy of Manafu, I came across a fairly recent survey commissioned by Microsoft in which we can clearly see how our online behavior impacts our future job applications. HR specialists in the US, UK, Germany and France have been questioned in regards to candidates’ profiles, and here are the results:

Concerns about lifestyle, photos, occasional binges, inappropriate comments (keep the Sopranos dialogue to yourself) are on top of the reasons behind rejecting a candidate.

There is hope. According to the results, out of 80% of the HR ppl in the UK manifesting concerns over a candidate’s behavior, 68% of them check the data accuracy, while in Germany 39% actually verify the info. Still, one has to be wary of sharing any incriminating online content; at the end of the day, this whole social media aspect of our lives may turn into one’s biggest enemy – sometimes without even knowing it.

More info here.


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