Tech update

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated my mobile gear; currently my toys are a Sony-Ericsson W890i – a thin-and-small-aluminium-box with great sound capabilities (an iPod Touch doesn’t come close to it in terms of audio quality), a Gmail app good enough to ckeck my emails and that’s it. The other device – business-oriented, is an HP iPAQ 910C running on Win Mobile 6.1. Not the smartest smart-phone. Battery life – 2 days at best, not to mention that while on the phone you risk ending the conversation abruptly by simply touching the screen with your ear, plus other inconveniences. The push-email function comes in hand but I’d like to leave aside the work-related activities while I’m ‘OOO’. Nevertheless, for about 2 years or so I’ve postponed any investment in mobile devices simply because there was nothing on the market which could have triggered my interest. Maybe the iPhone, but even so – I’d like to see the concept being pushed towards a more ‘opened’ range of options. Until now it turned out to be simply a cool, entertaining piece of hardware.

Ever since MS has showcased its newly mobile OS (Win7 Mobile) I was a firm believer that this new concept will spawn a range of new, good-looking mobile devices. Not to mention their tech-specs. In this respect the newly leaked photos of the upcoming Dell Lightning may prove my theory.

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Now this is something I really look forward on seeing live, considering the new Win7 Mobile capabilities.


4 thoughts on “Tech update

  1. Yeah it looks good.. but it’s still a DELL, not to mention a DELL Phone. I’m waiting until they get some experience behind making phones. Plus the latest DELL PCs and Laptops aren’t that amazing.

    I’d look into the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (Android) .. but unfortunately since it’s a Sony I’m very sure it will be loaded with all kinds of useless extra software (Just like the Vaio) 😦

  2. I think that Dell is on the right track… It’s true, they’re just getting rolling in the smartphone market.

    They’ve managed to make a good acquisition few years ago when they’ve brought a former Motorola executive to run their communications unit. This has triggered new changes at strategic level as well as bringing a new look & feel to their products.

    Dell, partnering with Microsoft, has a Windows Phone 7 device (Lightning). Then there’s the Android-based Thunder. So Dell will be an equal opportunity smartphone player – keeping their options open and allowing the consumers to make their own choices.

    There are never any guarantees that Dell will ultimately be successful, but you can’t rule the company out. Personally I like what I’m seeing. And, yes – the X10 looks promising too!

  3. hahahaha! At first I didn’t remember the model, then I looked it up on google. Maaan, that was a fine piece of technology! I still have it in Brasov – and actually used it few weeks back. It still works!

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