guilty as charged

I have some flaws, what the heck – everybody has them. Mine are the following shows that I’m currently watching:

Pacific. Created by the team behind BOB (i.e. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg), this time with emphasis on the American troops fight against the Japanese back in WWII. Not as fast paced as “Band of Brothers” but still a good flick. Then again I’m only at the 3rd episode (out of 10). I like very much the opening credits where the characters and the action is being drawn with charcoal then the images spring to life. Cool idea!

V. It’s a remake with lizard aliens disguised in humans, ready to take over the world. So far it’s very original. Nice special effects, some fitnessess (made-up word to describe the alien creature below) and very nice special effects. Pardon me, I’ve already said that. Flawless wardrobes on all the characters, bad acting from some of them but still good enough to keep you interested for one hour. Or you can switch to Animal Planet and watch some monkeys scratching their balls. No fitnessess though.

24. It reached the 8th season and boy, I love it! Jack Bauer still kicks @ss! Action-packed series with lots of plot twists. This one may easily be the best season. 6 more episodes to go and then we say ‘bye, bye Mr. Bauer!” …That is until ’24’ the movie will come out (sometime in 2011).

Father Ted. :)))))) An Irish comedy series with/about 3 priests: a rather agnostic one, a crazy one and a drunk one. This one is older – dates back in the ’90s and I got my hands on it thanks to my buddy Paul who has recommended it to me. I’m highly recommending it to everyone else. – everyone else with a sense of humor –


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