Mother Nature plays it cool

Early this morning, while on the subway, she stopped right next to me. I was talking to my buddy but my eyes were all over her. At some point I even wanted to ask her “Hey, what are you doing here? When did you came back to Bucharest? Are you living in the neighborhood too? How come you didn’t tell me any of this?” A careful look and the differences were starting to take shape… The haircut though was so familiar; the profile as well – with almost identical traits. Even the height was the same; one could have easily acknowledged that both of them had been molded onto the same pattern. An elegant tenure assorted with a joyful look, but still.. there was something missing. Then I’ve stared at her for about two-stations-with-the-platform-on-the-left-hand-side until any shadow of a doubt has been poofed away: it was the eyes; they were not blue.

Damn you, Mother Nature! Bouncing me from joy to doubt, then from hopeful uncertainty to giving-me-the-finger. I’ve never been so badly mislead into believing that I’m seeing familiar faces when in fact it was a copy of the original that I was studying. Has it ever occurred to any of you, people? …Taking a person for someone you haven’t seen in ages and being in total agreement with your senses, only to realize two minutes after first spotting her that she wasn’t the real version?

So it happened to me today, to take this girl for one of my best friends whom I’ve seen last year in Brasov and who is currently living in another country, far from any crowded and misleading subways.

D, I hope you’re doing great, wherever you are! 😉

PS: It’s not that I’m lazy or uninspired but lately I’ve been surrounded by quite some havoc which ultimately translates into “inability to cope with all of my other hobbies”. Sacrifices had to be made. But now I’m back.


4 thoughts on “Mother Nature plays it cool

  1. It’s been quite some time since I got this happening to me .. must be at least 6-7 years .. I remember I’ve actually went to that guy and gave him a friendly pat on the back just to get that stare back that translates in “who the fuck are you?!”. That felt awkward .. I felt deceived by my senses and my memory. It felt like I was betrayed. Oh well, I had a good laugh afterward after looking back at what I did.

  2. :))) “Hey, man! What’s up?” “?!? …the fuck you are…” Oups! My mouth was half open too, when I actually noticed the small differences on this person… But damn, the feeling of familiar looks was so strong. I should have said sumfin’, just for the fun of it 🙂

  3. This be not quite on topic, but on Saturday someone I have never met was supposed to pick me up by car and take me to my dad’s and then further along towards Zarnesti and in the mountains. And I was waiting close to a bus station when this car (different color than what I was expecting) stops dead right in front of me and a dude comes out with a dog and stares at me since I was right in front of the door. He and his wife or girlfriend were properly dressed for a hiking trip, the dog seemed to be anxious so I went in: “Hi, Codrin, is that you?”. “No.” the answer came swiftly as he was already going away with the kind of look Bob was talking about.

    Felt embarassed, especially more after a few minutes when they returned without the dog and got back up in the car.

  4. I might have some explanation for all of these behaviors but I think it’s too personal to post it here. Perhaps we’ll discuss it over a pint or sumfin’. BTW, Iancu – add one more Leffe in that .xls spreadsheet, for the sake of conversation :))

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