Not the best start for Schumi in this F1 season. It may be the car, or his skills, or simply put – there are better drivers out there. One thing’s for sure, he has to fight hard before reaching the podium. This reminds me of a pic of him that I’ve spotted in a newspaper in Zurich. The Swiss were probably trying to encourage him before his debut. Check below:


3 thoughts on “F1, FYI/FYA

  1. You make me think of something trivial… Well, anyway, here it goes. Back in Germany, a friend of mine was trying to explain the meaning of ‘p#%a’ to a German: “[…]p@%a ist ein Penis, aber grosser.”

  2. ahahhahahaa

    in other words .. That is why the ‘german sausages’ are so popular at the deli department among women buyers you say? Just saying ..

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