U cussin’ with me?

Badger: The cuss you are…

Mr. Fox: The cuss am I?! Are you cussing with me?

Badger: No, you cussing with me?

Mr. Fox: Don’t cussing point at me!

Badger: If you’re gonna cuss with somebody, you’re not gonna cuss with me, you little cuss!

Mr. Fox: You’re not gonna cuss with me!

By far, one of THE most enjoyable movies in a looong, long time (thx Paul for reminding me of it! I almost forgot to tick it in my list). “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”, signed by Wes Anderson, also responsible for some other nice pieces of entertainment such as: The Darjeeling Ltd., The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou or my all-time-favourite – The Royal Tenenbaums.

Up there, in the introduction, we had two of the main characters ‘cussing’ each other over a real-estate project 🙂


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