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The Leffe Pouring Ritual

Leffe should always be served at 5°C in its unique chalice glass to preserve the beer’s full aroma and create the perfect creamy head.

  • Clean and thoroughly rinse the glass with cold water to remove any impurities. Allow the glass to cool.
  • Leffe glassware should always be washed by hand since the slightest trace of grease will affect the head and taste of the beer.
  • Check whether the glass is clean. If necessary, dry the glass using a synthetic chamois leather. To serve Leffe perfectly, it is essential that the glass is prepared in this way.
  • Pour the beer into the glass at an 45° angle without the bottle neck touching the foam or the glass. Allow the beer to pour slowly into the glass.
  • Gradually straighten the glass while pouring and lower the glass a little, paying special attention to the head. Leave about a fifth in the bottle.
  • The creamy head should be about two inches thick when the pouring is complete. Getting the perfect head protects the Leffe flavour and aroma during drinking.
  • Finally, apply the drip catcher and serve the glass and then the bottle on the Leffe coasters, taking particular care that the stained- glass window logo on the glass and the bottle is facing the consumer to achieve a perfect and elegant serving.
Perry Como – Magic Moments

5 thoughts on “>>>intermezzo<<<

  1. La PET, la coltul blocului, cu 5 prieteni. “Ba, mai ia si tu un PET de Leffe; na de-aci bani. Ia doua.” :)) “Deshidratat” – adica “hidratat prea des”?! 😛

  2. You know what, I really don’t give a damn about proper rituals telling me/us how to do this, how to do that, and so on ..
    What happened with the old thirst quencher? You open the bottle and you drink the damn thing ’till you’re not thirsty any longer. And then you drink some more, for good measure.

  3. It might just be a little problematic quenching your thirst with a Leffe from one gulp… Apart from the immediate gas leaks there’s the high-alcohol factor which can contribute to… aaaa, what the heck, let’s have one more! :))

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