Circling around

Ever since I got my hands onto Four Tet‘s latest album (i.e. There Is Love In You) one could easily spot a little circular ditch on my hard disk, on the portion hosting one of his tunes. Simply put, the melody is on repeat at least couple of times a day. What can you do? The last 2 minutes of this song create a sort of ethereal sound, with that voice sample jumping in and transforming everything into a dream-like tune.

Four Tet – Circling (alb. There Is Love In You)

photo: Sina Demiral

One thought on “Circling around

  1. banuiesc ca am gasit ceasul tau si l-am si postat
    poti sa vezi daca sunt datele corecte sau daca e acelasi ceas.
    poate iti inviti si prietenii pasionati sa-si aduca aportul si opiniile.
    succes si mai vb.
    P.S:sa pastrezi ceasul cu placere si la cat mai multe.intr-adevar o opera de arta nu altceva.

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