Wilderness, solitude and bushcraft

Pe banner zice ca… ptiu! English! What was I saying… Yes – the art of bushcraft; cracking branches and eating roots for 25 years… Kidding 🙂 Although Ray Mears and his adventures (I’m talking about the ones broadcasted) date back in the ’90s, I didn’t become acquainted with him until fairly recently (may it be 3 or 4 years). In the last 4, 5 months or so watching an episode from his ‘bushcraft’ series has been the best sleeping pill. The mild tone in his voice, combined with the beauty of the landscapes pictured in some of the episodes is sheer pleasure for the eye/years.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to put into practice anything I’ve learned from the series (for instance how to cook a salmon in the wilderness or set up a trap to catch squirrels) but seeing someone doing this and passionately sharing his knowledge on the art of bushcraft is enough to satisfy my quench for adventure (especially now, with this darn weather). My only hope (and ultimately – goal) is to travel sometime to some of the places he’s been to and enjoy the nature in its purest form (Norway and Canada would make some great traveling destinations).

In his latest series – “BBC Ray Mears Northern Wilderness” (2009), the Brit takes us all the way up to Canada onto the footsteps of the early fur-traders, traces back their survival skills, learns the ways of the Inuit and follows up the paths of the early Northern explorers through tundra and the Rockies. Not your usual Ray Mears with his ‘Extreme Survival’ or ‘Wild Food’ series, but a rather laid-back narration of some of the world’s greatest explorers and their endeavors. I’m up for one more episode!

PS. For all those nature lovers out there, don’t miss out his useful book: Ray Mears Essential Bushcraft. I got mine from Amazon.de for 7 EUR (used but looks brand-new). A dictionary is needed to have all those plant-names translated from English.


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