Is it a phone? Is it a TV? A photo frame?

I don’t know, Stevie, but it seems to me like you’re losing your awesomeness on stage… Come on – you call netbooks slow and advertise the new ultra-mega-revolutionary-iPad with its 1GHz processor being a worthy replacement for the aforementioned device? Pfff… Even cell-phones will be much faster than this overweight iPhone.

Personally I find HP’s Slate or the forthcoming Asus Tablet having much more potential than the iPad (not to mention its name, which for the English-speaking folks might trigger some other thoughts, close-related to women’s iPeriod).

Right now almost everyone of us is supposed to own already some of these devices: a mobile phone, an mp3 player, a laptop. So if someone can tell me where I could fit an iPad and for what purpose, I would gladly take his advice and reconsider my thoughts. Until then… I’d rather spend my money on upgrading my mp3 player (by getting a Zune HD or a Sony mp3 player X-series) or my smart-phone (the Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 looks appealing) or better – stick to what I already have and be silent 🙂


5 thoughts on “Is it a phone? Is it a TV? A photo frame?

  1. I find Apple’s newest addition to the family to be similar to that kid that no one wants to play with. It’s there and you have to deal with it, but you don’t really want to. Let’s face it, iPad is here to stay, future versions will probably have an integrated camera/mic so at least you get to “socialize” with it with more than just texting back and forth. I betcha’ Mr. Jobs will not be buying one for himself on Feb. 24 when he’ll be turning 55. It just doesn’t make for that perfect gift. Sorry!

  2. I was talking to a friend of mine who’s also an amateur photographer about the iPad and how we could use it… Imagine going out on a photo session for a week or two, I don’t know – somewhere up in the mountains… You take some shots, then you want to see how they look on a larger screen. A laptop might prove too weighty so you take out the iPad, put in the SD card and… there you have it: you can see your photos. Oups! I forgot – there’s no SD slot on the iPad. What about the storage space? 16GB or 32GB. My SD card has 16GB so… why bother. It doesn’t even have a USB stick. Not to mention a camera, as you pointed out. So what should the iPad be used for? No more than an iPhoto iFrame I reckon…

  3. iDistanced myself from all the fuss. iSay what iSee and what iSee is that this device does not live to many people’s expectation(s). So, iRest my case, put this to sleep and change subject: do you guys have Hooters in Germany? 😛

  4. Hmmm… Hooters… Is this the one you’re talking about? Al Bundy’s hooters? There are hooters… the only problem right now is that they’re all wrapped up and covered in thick clothes/fur… Season’s disadvantages…

  5. Hmm .. the link u provided won’t load @ work .. must be the damn firewall again. Jeez, it’s just hooters people!

    But I agree w. u Maitre, the winter season is certainly a turn-off

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