In response to those countries no longer keeping their part of the bargain, Novartis – the Swiss pharma giant producing one of the vaccines against the H1N1 flu, has recently stated that “[…] next time when there will be a pandemic – and there will be one – governments who have been reliable partners will be treated in a preferential manner“. Here’s the situation, in short: there are some countries who, in the light of the recent pandemic gaining terrain, have asked the pharma companies to increase the supply of vaccines but now that the cure status has leveled up, the governments are no longer willing to spend any more money on medicine. So now, big-boss Novartis takes action.

“Next time when there will be a pandemic – and there will be one – […]”. Now… there’s cynicism and there’s a bit of threat in the Swiss’ verbiage that I’m not quite comfortable with.. I hope that EU’s white collars will take some action.

later update: the EU did take action against the havoc surrounding the flu and the vaccines; Wolfgang Wodarg, president of the Health Commission inside the EU goes into detail (the interview is in French) on the inquiry regarding the panic spread by the big pharma companies. Oh, and – as a side note – Germany was one of the countries who has cut off the agreement with Novartis. The follow-up on this case is interesting.


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