I heard it through the grapevine

Few more days to go until Apple’s event in January where the so-called iTablet/iSlate/iZac (from Isaac Newton – yeah! I’ve read that too) or whatever the !@$# they want to call it will surface. What’s interesting to follow these days is the rumor mill behind it which amplifies the hype accompaning every product launch in Coupertino.

I was reading an article on the Wall Street Journal where all the info regarding the latest launch is surrounded by an aura of enigma, just like in politics where “a person knows something which he heard from someone when talking to a closed relationship whos affiliation with the company is very close”, and so forth… Here are some examples:

“[…]In developing the device, Apple focused on the role the gadget could play in homes and in classrooms, say people familiar with the situation.”

“[…]the company has talked with New York Times Co., Condé Nast Publications Inc. and HarperCollins Publishers and its owner News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal, over content for the tablet, say people familiar with the talks.”

“[…]Apple is also working with videogame publisher Electronic Arts Inc. to show off the tablet’s game capabilities, according to one person familiar with the matter.”

“[…]a person familiar with the matter said Apple was in serious discussions with Microsoft Corp. to incorporate its Bing search engine into the iPhone as the default search and map technologies

So many familiarities here… One more to go:

“[…]One person familiar with the matter said Apple has put significant resources into designing and programming the device so that it is intuitive to share.”

Apart from the article’s amateurism (although it comes from a highly-praised newspaper) – which is obvious after reading the same redundant rumours and non-disclosed details about a product again and again, all I can think of is why are there still so many people left in awe whenever the Apple Marketing machine is feeding them with so much corporate bullshit and have them create needs that most of them are not even in search of?!

Oh, well, I guess it’s simply a matter of masochism that most of us suffer from… What the hell, why not just buy the damn iThinghie and be cool with it after all..


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