Do you spik Inglish?

Well, I do. And I’ll continue to do so. Anyway, from now on I hope I’ll be able to stick to my goals, unlike the dude below who’s guideline – I must admit, I have embraced quite often.

There are some practical aspects to be taken care of, but I will leave them aside for the time being. Writing in English on a blog that still has sections in Romanian may not be too aesthetically-pleasing and might trigger some confusion; the experiment will continue though, until I will have finalized all the changes in the layout. Until then, enjoy the readings!

>photo by jerm9ine

5 thoughts on “Do you spik Inglish?

  1. Jesus,Mary and Joseph, I my jaw dropped instantly. I thought my eyes were seeing english everywhere :)), but reading this I knew I’m ok :))

  2. It’s me, it’s me! Don’t go away! Do not try to adjust the image, there’s nothing wrong with your monitor.(asta imi aduce aminte de serialul ‘cela – ‘The Outer Limits’). I’m trying to make the blog more accessible and – why not, put to a good use this English mastered in the corporate corners 🙂 Let’s see how it goes.

  3. It’s aaaaaaall good my friend.
    Fingers crossed or “break aleg” (Ahahhahaa) with this new format. May it attract a gazzillion visitors and smart comments to your posts, just like this one! (honesty is not something that characterizes me)

  4. would it make sense that you make some stats public (re. unique visitors and their location) and use that as a benchmark 3 months from now and see how you stand? just saying, me and my big mouth ..

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