pt Bobo: chew, chew! :))

cccCaramel lovers, rejoice! It took some work, but we’ve come up with a truly rich caramel creation just for you. We started with the finest caramel ice cream we could make. Then we added a smooth swirl of golden caramel and chocolate covered, buttery-soft pieces of caramel. Maybe we’re biased but we think this is the best caramel ice cream ever. Enjoy!

inscriptie de pe, bineinteles – cutie. pe care am… baut-o. :))

noapte buna, copii…


One thought on “pt Bobo: chew, chew! :))

  1. arata cel putin delicios. in aceeasi ordine gustativa, toma’ ieri ce-am papat un ananas facut pt gratar cu un sos de unt, zahar, scortisoara si niscaiva rom, servit alaturi de nitica inghetata de vanilie. un deliciu, vorba reclamei: la final mi-a parut rau ca aveam numai 10 degete

    silentium si lins pe bot

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